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Online education, reimagined.

Enabling universities to grow enrollment and deliver high-quality online education.

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What is theindustry Keypath is in?

EdTech companies like Keypath providers offer a set of services and a commercial model to assist universities to build and launch online programs in a faster and more effective manner than it may take universities to develop them in-house.

  • Universities typically own and are responsible for academic content
  • Providers like Keypath work with the university to design the delivery of that content through an online format
  • Each program design is bespoke to the university partner including thebranding of the program
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Our focus on online Healthcare higher education

Universities are central to the resolution of the global Healthcare skills shortage and Keypath is partnering with them to meet this challenge.

Through Keypath’s market-leading Healthcare platform, we are ideally placed to assist universities in addressing the complexity of delivery and expanding the geographic reach of their online Healthcare programs. The strength of our Healthcare platform, coupled with our global operations, means Keypath can drive the expansion of Healthcare online education services globally, irrespective of region.

With its global footprint, Keypath seeks to “build once, launch globally” by leveraging in-house expertise to launch highly complex programs in new geographies, tailored to specific local needs and markets.

Pioneering online higher education in South East Asia

Keypath chose to enter the Southeast Asian market due to it being the world’s largest EdTech growth region.

  • In 2020, Keypath signed its first partnership with a Malaysian university, Sunway University, which is also our first partnership for the Southeast Asian region.
  • This was followed in 2021 by Keypath signing its first partnership in Singapore with the Singapore Institute of Management, a leading private education provider founded in 1964 with 165,000 alumni and approximately 17,000 students.
  • Building on this we signed our third partnership with HELP University in Malaysia.
  • Our strategy is to build three enterprise-level partnerships, initially across the business and STEM/Future of Work areas, with Healthcare to follow.
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Here at Keypath, we collaborate with universities by leveraging our insights and experience. This drives online learning program selection, design, and delivery of the most career-relevant online education solutions for any market and vertical, anywhere in the world.

We achieve this thanks to KeypathEDGE - our end-to-end technology and data platform that powers all of our services across the entire student journey. KeypathEDGE allows us to deliver exceptional outcomes for our university partners and their students.

Upcoming & Recent Events

Upcoming Events

Reports and Presentations

Keypath reports its full-year financial results in August each year, and its half-year financial results in February. Quarterly updates in the form of a Cash flow and Activities Statement are released in April, July, October, and January. The Annual Report is published and sent to shareholders prior to the Annual General Meeting in November.

Keypath Financial Reports

2022 Annual General Meeting


Corporate Governance at Keypath

Corporate Governance

The Board and Management of Keypath are committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance to ensure the future sustainability of the organization and to create long-term value for its shareholders. We do this by promoting a culture built around our values of diversity, inclusion, and care for our community and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Inquiries (outside Australia):  +61 3 9415 4000
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The ASX code for Keypath is KED.

Our Investor Relations team can be contacted by emailing our Director of Investor Relations, Malcolm McNab

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