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diversity, equity & inclusion

Diverse, equal and inclusive. It's not just a policy, it's who we are.

who we are

At Keypath, our differences are our greatest strength.

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Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter

Standing up for who and what we believe in.

Our differences are our greatest strength and result in better business. But this is simply an outcome of what is fundamental to who we are and what we believe in – diversity, equity and inclusion.

At Keypath, this means being bold in acknowledging issues and taking meaningful action to measure up against them, and committing to the collaborative and ongoing process of learning and growth.

our framework

Our People, Identity and Actions are the three pillars that form our DEI framework.

Our People

Our people are our number one priority. We commit to growing the diversity of our people and ensuring each Keypather is valued for their diversity. We achieve this through our recruitment and onboarding practices, and training and development opportunities, both underpinned by our DEI Practice.

Our Identity

Being proud of your identity drives self-confidence, respect, and belonging. We are proud of our diversity and want our Keypathers to be proud of theirs. We ensure our identity reflects our people, we acknowledge the power of language and statements, and we celebrate the diversity of our Keypathers with pride.

Our Actions
Our Actions

We all have a responsibility to act towards equality. We train and support our Keypathers to take action directly through their work and in their community. And we multiply our impact through collaboration with our partners and by giving back.

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Ready to expand your university’s reach?

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Want to make an impact?